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About mark owens designs

 I grew up in a small town where hard work and doing  more than what was expected became part of my  DNA.  My mother was a huge inspiration fostering an environment of creativity.   

 Over the past 29 years I've worked for major retailers and continued to hone my creative skills.  I've  also lived in Los Angeles,  Austin,  Kansas City,  and Columbus, Ohio where creativity is part of their  landscape.

 In 2012, I decided to start my interior design business  after being prompted by many friends and family.  Since  2012,  I've managed or consulted clients on small  and large scale projects.

 In 2014, I incorporated floral design into my overall  design portfolio and now is the fastest growing facet of  my business. 

 I've been blessed to see my business grow since  2012 through people seeing my design and client based  referrals.